Why Your E-mails Keep Getting Trashed

When sending out marketing emails, it’s often frustrating to watch as nobody opens the email or clicks through to visit your website. While this is a common problem people face, with a little hard work, you can increase your conversion rates drastically. Luckily, if you develop a long-term strategy and can commit to making minor changes, you will succeed with your email marketing strategy. With this in mind, here are eight reasons why your emails keep getting trashed.

Poor title: If you have a salesly title, you will scare off potential buyers/clients. For this reason, when sending out mass emails, keep the title simple and informative. Think about your own experiences – would you read an email with a title promising you riches? Would you read a message with a title trying to scare you into spending money? Of course not. No, with a simple, short and to the point title, your reader is likely to open the email and read on about your product or service.

No outlined benefit: Above all else, when you want to coax your reader to read on, you will want to offer a clear benefit to him or her. Otherwise, you will lose them quickly as they will toss your email in the trash bin. Now, avoid using promises or cliché marketing words. Instead, when you compose the message, you need to outline the benefits and compel the reader to think about how you can help his or her life. When doing so in a tactful manner, the reader will check out your site and potentially buy your product.  On the other hand, if you only state boring facts, you will not gain much interest, and your reader will not read the email any further. Instead, they will toss your email in the trash and/or mark it as spam.

Too long: Believe it or not, if you write a long marketing email, you will bore your readers. To avoid this common issue, keep it concise as people won’t want to read for more than a minute or two. Not only that, when on the Internet, people often use tablets or smartphones, and they won’t have the time or desire to scroll through a lengthy email. Ideally, when writing a marketing email, you will want to keep it short enough so your reader will spend less than a minute browsing the content. Otherwise, he or she will delete the email and move on with their life.

Uninterested readers: If you want to succeed with your email marketing campaign, email people who have an interest in your product, service or idea. Specifically, to find interested readers, you will want to set up a marketing email list. You can do this on your website by asking visitors for their email address and other contact information. To take this further, use Facebook and other social media outlets to reach out to your visitors and try to get their email address. Either way, when emailing interested and excited followers from an email list, you are likely to increase your conversion rates; at the same time, you won’t annoy people or waste your time.

Too many images: While a well-placed image can help your cause, you will want to minimize photos in your message. Not only will some users with slow Internet connections grow frustrated when your email contains a large file, but they will also struggle to load the email in the browser. Instead, if you want to include a picture, resize it as you will watch as people pay attention to your content. At the same time, obviously don’t include a video in a message as people will struggle to open it and may even grow frustrated if they are on a slow connection.

Messages flagged as spam: One way to see your emails trashed quickly is to find them being channeled through potential clients’ spam filters. All-too-often, an overzealous and excited entrepreneur will break every rule when he or she sends out a mass email. To stay on top of this, you must follow a few simple rules. Don’t use false or misleading methods, identify that the message is an ad and tell recipients where you are located and let people opt out easily. If you follow these regulations, you are likely to watch as your emails land in the inbox rather than the spam filter. Remember, once marked as spam by the major email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, you will face an uphill battle to find interested readers.

You are sending emails in the middle of the night: Often, a company will send out mass emails from a server halfway around the world. While it’s an easy way to save some cash, the sender ought to instead send emails during business hours. When waking up in the morning, a person will usually wake up to half a dozen messages or more. Sadly, when you send an email in the middle of the night or early in the morning, your email will get lost in the shuffle. Instead, try to send it out in the middle of the day. That way, readers will watch their smartphone buzz. When this happens, you will gain their full attention and can increase your odds of converting the reader into a buyer.

No call to action: Now, it’s one thing to send an interesting email that your readers truly enjoy. It’s quite another to coax them to visit your website and shell out some cash. This is where most people fail to ramp up their campaigns and bring in money. However, it’s not difficult to convert your readers into customers, especially if you already have excited followers who have an interest in your product. To convert the reader to a customer, you need a call to action. For example, you can write a simple CTA saying “to learn more, click here.” With this, an interested person will naturally click the link, and you will not struggle to convert the reader into a customer. Remember, at some point, you need to be bold; when you are, you will enjoy a higher conversion rate and your readers won’t simply trash your email.

Avoiding these eight common pitfalls will increase your chances of running a successful email marketing campaign.  While it’s not easy at first, you can help your cause greatly if you also remember to track your campaigns, write the perfect content and try to make changes when things aren’t working. When you do these things, your conversion rates will skyrocket as your readers won’t trash your emails or mark them as spam.