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Updated: February 23rd, 2024 7:41 pm
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Our #1 Pick! #1*
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  •  FREE For Life w/ <2,000 Contacts
  •  400+ Professional Templates
  •  Award Winning Analytics & Reports
  •  A/B Testing Capabilities & More
  Free Account w/ <2000 contacts FOR LIFE Deal
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*User Rating:
  •  Easy-to-Use Drag & Drop Email Creator
  •  500+ Responsive Email Templates
  •  Non-profits may qualify for 50% off
  •  Email Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  Try it FREE for 30 Days, No Credit Card Required Deal
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*User Rating:
  •  700+ Customizable Email Templates
  •  Real-Time Tracking & Reporting
  •  Mobile App: Manage Campaigns & View Reports
  •  Integrates with Popular CRM Software
  Try it FREE for 30 Days, No Credit Card Required Deal
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The Rest
*User Rating:
  •  600+ Customizable Email Templates
  •  24/7 Phone Support
  •  Easily Import Existing Email Addresses
  •  Integrates with Google Analytics for Tracking
  Unlimited Email to 1000 Subscribers for $10/mo Deal
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*User Rating:
  •  15+ Years of Email Marketing Experience
  •  Access to Millions of Free or Low-Cost Images
  •  24/7 Customer Support
  •  Built-In Spam Evaluator
  Try it FREE for 30 Days, No Credit Card Required Deal
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Latest Reviews

Benchmark.com Review

Originating from humble beginnings, Benchmark takes the same energy and dedication that made the company a success and applies it to your business’s growth. Offering a full service free email marketing list for anyone looking to contact 2,000 people or less, Benchmark does its best to live up to this goal. Even premium packages, however, are reasonably priced, meaning that you won’t get punished for you success.... Full Review

GetResponse.com Review

GetResponse is a multimedia online marketing business that specializes in email marketing, currently serving more than 300,000 users around the world. The company focuses on offering users affordable prices for premium service, boasting a 98% email delivery rate. The company prides itself on sending Responsive Web Design emails, which allow subscribers to easily read and navigate across devices ranging from desktop computers to smartphones. GetResponse estimates that this approach could reach up to 42% more readers, which... Full Review

VerticalResponse.com Review

VerticalResponse Inc. offers small businesses and non-profits a full range of powerful self-service marketing tools, including email marketing, social media, post card marketing, surveying and event marketing. VerticalResponse helps its users proactively strategize successful campaigns, providing a series of free webinars covering introductory and advanced topics. As a fast growing industry leader, VerticalResponse now serves more than 850,000 users worldwide.... Full Review

Campaigner.com Review

Serving everyone from beginners to professional marketers, Campaigner brings nearly two decades of marketing experience and growth to your email campaign. With live webinars, Campaigner could teach you how to create winning email marketing campaigns and also offers 24/7 toll-free technical support by phone or email, should any questions arise. Helpful articles and YouTube training videos can make your life a lot easier, helping you learn and grow with your company. With a 30-day free trial and no binding contracts... Full Review

ConstantContact.com Review

Constant Contact is an established internet marketing company focused on the needs of small businesses, membership associations and nonprofit organizations. Founded in 1998 to provide an affordable, easy-to-use email tool, the company has since expanded into event and social media marketing campaigns, digital storefronts and local coupon deals, currently serving more than half a million users. Constant Contact offers a range of packages that could directly translate into substantial growth for your email list. With expertise in... Full Review

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Vertical Response


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