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Vertical Response is a unique up-and-coming email marketing company that should allow you to take your current email-marketing strategy to the next level.  It is a subsidiary of the Deluxe Corporation and allows for your message to reach your intended customers through email, social media, and mobile marketing.  You shouldn’t have any problem getting everything you need in a one-stop shopping arena.  If you’re looking to make your message known, look no further.


Some worry Vertical Response is difficult to use.  However, there are several tools built with beginners in mind.  You’ll be able to upload your current email contacts with ease, insert your content into the template of your choice, link to social and mobile marketing platforms, and get your message out to your constituents on your terms.  Additionally, the interface is quite user-friendly.  You shouldn’t have any trouble navigating around the site to create reports.  The best part is you don’t have to be a programmer to use the already created templates.  The likelihood of your email being opened is increased when implementing a more professional look and feel.  It seems Vertical Response can offer you just that. You can even synch apps with Vertical Response to take your business to the next level.


Uploading your contacts into the Vertical Response platform is all outlined and you should have no trouble at all getting the hang of it.  A great feature of Vertical Response is that you can designate different categories for contacts.  That way you’ll be able to send specific emails to specific contact lists.  After that, you’ll want to choose the template you’re most comfortable with and that will demonstrate your message best.  These templates are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).  That simply means what you populate into the text area is what you’ll see in the finished product – easy, right?  Additionally the templates use HTML in order to have the look and feel similar to a website page.  While having a feel for coding increases the usability of Vertical Response significantly, you don’t need to know how HTML or XHTML in order to use Vertical Response. After you’ve chosen a template, populated your pictures and text, you’ll be able to synch it up with your social media platforms.  This allows a synchronized message to everyone in your databases.  After you send the emails out to your designated contact list, you can generate a report to see how many people opened them and also check out other data.  It is quite simply an all-in-one email-marketing platform.


You might be wondering what the email templates looks like.  There are quite a few varieties of templates to choose from.  As mentioned earlier, the templates are in HTML and XHTML, but all you really need to worry about is inserting text and pictures into the pre-populated templates.  With more knowledge of this coding language, you’ll be able to manipulate where pictures are, colors, etc.  But again, this is not a requirement.  The Vertical Response platform also allows for API.  This simply means that the platform will work with other types of software in a simplified manner.  An example of this would be ecommerce solution, Shopify.  This is not necessary, but it is an option.  Overall, the design of the templates and platform is set up to allow for as much simplicity or complication you are comfortable with.


The best part about Vertical Response is that there is a price that can fit your needs and the business you are currently in.  The basic plan starts at $17.60/month, but there is also a free option for those needing less flexibility.

The Good

  • Very easy to use platform and templates of which there are a variety to choose.
  • Free email if you have less than 1,000 contacts.

The Bad

  • Template integration with social media

And The Ugly

  • Reporting can be difficult to generate and read if you don’t know what you’re looking for





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