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There are limits to what can be achieved within marketing.  However, LmhSoft has broken some of those limits with its revolutionary product.  The software allows you to send HTML email newsletters to potential customers and current clients through a specified distribution list that you create when uploading your contacts from your current email service provider or spreadsheet.  Additionally, you can personalize each campaign while doing A/B testing to get the best results.  This award winning software platform truly does break the boundaries previously set.


Among the chief reasons to use LmhSoft is how easy it is to use.  The degree at which you can customize the HTML newsletter or email message is quite magnanimous.  There is literally nothing you can’t do if you know a little bit about coding.  Or, if you don’t know much at all the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) platform for creating your emails is entirely simplistic.  Navigating around the site is also very manageable.  You can see the results in a preview mode before you send it out so you don’t have to make adjustments after the fact.  Additionally, scheduling emails at specific times and dates allows you the freedom to work in chunks rather than sporadically throughout the week or month.  It truly is an easy to use software platform.


Knowing when and how to send out the mass email marketing campaign emails is something that is difficult for many people.  However, LmhSoft has specialized it in such a way that you can learn quickly how and when to do it.  Specifically, a personalized and entirely separate email is sent to the address in your contact list, which will only allow the recipient to see his or her email in the “to” line.  Some features which make LmhSoft stand out are: personalized bulk emails, support for popular databases, email opening tracking, SMTP and Exchange Server Support, bult-in SMTP server, conditional mail merge, recurring email scheduling, load-balancing among multiple SMTP servers, email throttling, list de-duplication, and an built-in list editor.  With all these features and more your choice to use LmhSoft couldn’t be easier.


What your email looks like to the people you send it to matters a great deal.  That’s why LmhSoft has gone to such lengths to ensure that what comes from you looks sparkling and professional.  The emails are in HTML format, which simply means it looks dynamic and more like a page on a website than just text.  This allows the recipient to feel like they are getting something from a large business, though yours might simply be small.  The user interface in the reporting makes determining your next steps very manageable.  The key to great marketing is knowing how to adapt.  LmhSoft gives you that gift.


Another amazing feature of LmhSoft is that you can try it before you buy it.  You can easily download a trial version from the website to get the hang of it.  Then, the two packages (Standard Edition – $149.95 and Business Edition – 279.95) are available to purchase via the LmhSoft website, fax, phone or postage.

The Good

  • The easy to upload contact manager is a great feature, which allows you to take your contacts from your current email service provider and upload them, saving lots of time
  • The vast array of features you have access to truly set LmhSoft apart.
The Bad

  • The price of the business edition is a bit steep

And The Ugly

  • Some of the features are difficult for novices to get the hang of right away




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