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There are few email marketing platforms that truly encapsulate the complete package. Handymailer allows you to create spectacular, personalized messages, newsletters, announcements and promotions through an HTML look and feel, putting it ahead of many leading competitors.  The importance of connecting with your customers and potential clients through customized emails cannot be understated and Handymailer allows you to do just that while getting sparkling reports on the back end to keep up on how you’re doing.


An easily navigable interface is important when differentiating between the plethora of email marketing services out there, and with Handymailer’s neat interface, uploading your contacts from your current email service provider could not be easier.  You can even put them into a CSV or spreadsheet form and bulk upload them.  Creating emails is as simple as inserting the text and images you want into the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) application and then watch them turn into a gorgeous finished product.  Another great feature that is easy to use is the distribution lists; you can separate who sees what emails, what emails are sent to which lists, etc.  Last, the reporting allows you to see key metrics in a neat and organized fashion.


Handymailer allows you to upload contacts, create subscriber lists, manage email bounces and thread through unsubscribe requests.  You can also process your subscriptions through your contact lists.  The ability to handle email bounces (both hard and soft) comes standard, as well, so that you’re constantly up to date with what’s leading to your successes and what can be improved about your campaign.  In case you need to remove people from subscription lists, you’ll be able to do this with ease in Handymailer.  You can even incorporate sound into your email messages.  The editing process is very easy to use and you can use it even after you’ve distributed the email.  Last, you can copy existing email messages and features into new ones.  If that weren’t enough, the reporting you’ll have access to will make your job much easier.  The metrics that matter to you will stand out and be given priority in the user interface.  Overall, there are a variety of functions that you just can’t beat with many other email marketing platforms.


The emails, newsletters, and messages you need to send to your current customers or potential clients needs substantial support.  Handymailer can provide that support through the intricate and beautifully designed output of HTML.  The tools you need to navigate through the system are all right at your fingertips, as well.  Integrating ecommerce software like Shopify is also quite compatible.


Handymailer accepts all major credit cards and the more you use Handymailer the more cost-effective it is.

The Good

  • There are many features that are easy to use and understand
  • The professional look and feel of your emails can’t be easier to create

The Bad

  • The payment process is a little confusing and other platforms might cost a little less

And The Ugly

  • The site has very small font and is hard to navigate to find the information you need




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