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There are few integrated email marketing platforms that find a way to utilize all that is good in the world of customer success and potential client relationships.  If you ask those at Yale University, The BBC and Fujitsu you’ll find their level of satisfaction high.  Sending mass emails has honestly never looked so good.  Sparkling templates and ease of use are some of the more satisfactory features of Group Mail.


With so many email marketing platforms to choose from, ease of use has to be a factor in your choice.  Group Mail makes uploading your contacts from any of the major email service providers a cinch.  Additionally, setting up distribution lists for precise targeting of emails is quite simple, as well.  Furthermore, the navigation throughout the template creation couldn’t be easier.  This is because the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) feature makes inserting texts and pictures flow without trouble and create a solution for those who are too new to email marketing to really go under the hood and start manually creating a media flow.  Last, the reporting features are very straightforward and don’t take long to understand at all.  With their crisp results and unique user interface, you’ll be able to find out the key metrics you need to make big time business decisions.


Group Mail’s purpose is to allow you to easily and sufficiently send beautiful emails to your customers and potential clients.  Additionally it gives you reporting on the open rates, deliverability, clicks, spam tests and other useful key metrics.  It all starts with positing your contacts into the platform.  You can do that simply by uploading them from your current email service provider or through a bulk upload in a spreadsheet.  Once that is done, you can separate the contacts into distribution lists.  Creating templates is a piece of cake through the wizard platform.  Your email will sparkle, as it is unique and professional looking, which is great for pleasing subscribers across various categories.  After you send the email you’ll get reports that can be sent to you or looked at through the platform’s user interface.  You can also back everything up on the Mail Group servers so that you’ll be sure to have your important information stored.  All in all, there is so much functionality to Group Mail that users should enjoy having a one stop shop for all their email marketing needs.


The sleek and chic design of Group Mail will help make your clients and potential customers love the newsletters and marketing emails you send.  The coolest thing is that you get to create the emails you send out through an easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform. Although you need not know too much about what these languages mean, the WYSIWYG editor translates into HTML and XHTML and the final result is a great looking email.  However, those of you who do have a leg up on coding can customize your emails even further.


There are a variety of pricing packages you can take advantage of in order to get the most out of Group Mail.  From the FREE package to the Marketing package, there is something right for your business.

The Good

  • Easy to upload contact feature that allow you to take your emails directly from a spreadsheet or your email provider
  • Easy to use reporting that allows you to see results in real time
The Bad

  • Not as much manual control for more experienced users
 And The Ugly

  • The free package is great, but the pricing of the Marketing pricing is a bit steep




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