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Graphic Mail provides a platform for you to send out customized emails to your designated contacts. Browse around the company’s website a bit and you may find that Graphic Mail provides email marketing, mobile, and social media solutions for everyone. The customized, colorful emails sent out from this platform allow you to share your important messages with clarity and satisfaction, leaving less of a hassle on the marketer’s hands and a more valuable experience for recipients.


Graphic Mail’s interface is a breeze, as well.  No matter your level of competency with HTML or XHTML, you can easily and simply use Graphic Mail.  However, if you do have more experience in coding and other areas of software, the platform opens up quite a bit.  From uploading your contacts, separating them into categories and sending high quality, colorful emails, the templates of Graphic Mail are quite simple and have a variety of options.  In addition, you can schedule emails to go out whenever you would like, which is called creating drip systems.  You can also integrate your message and templates with your social media accounts. This is important given the prevalence of social communication tools. Lastly, email marketers have the capacity to use the mobile feature to send out text messages of high quality.


Graphic Mail works in a variety of ways.  The most important feature is the WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get).  With this feature, you can insert text and pictures into a simple platform that allows the information to turn into an HTML or XHTML template.  There are varieties to choose from.  The more you know about coding and the specific forms of HTML or XHTML, the more advanced you can make the template.  You can manipulate the location of certain features and the color scheme of your layout.  However, you don’t need to be an expert in order to tailor the makeup.  It is as easy as populating information and then letting the HTML and XHTML take over.  In an overarching way, this is how the process works: upload contacts into Graphic Mail from your email server, segregate the email contacts into distribution lists, choose your template and populate it with your specific information.  Next you start sending out the email template to your specific distribution lists.  Share your information with your social media outlets and also send mobile alerts to your contacts.  Graphic Mail even helps you generate reports based upon your emails, social media and mobile platforms.  You’ll be able to see the bounce rate, open rates, deliverability rates, and spam tests here, which helps you when repeating the cycle and bettering your efforts each time.


The design aspect of Graphic Mail is where you’ll have the most control over the look and feel of the emails you send out.  The nuts and bolts are HTML or XHTML.  However, if those mean nothing to you, the WYSIWIG feature will allow you to simply populate text and pictures into the platform.  Pretty simple, right? However, with knowledge of this coding system comes more flexibility.  You’ll be able to change up what the look and feel of the email presents itself as.  Beginners will admittedly not have as much success as someone with more seasoned design knowledge. Those looking to grow their knowledge should be pleased to find the many guides and the helpful manual Graphic Mail offers in order to maximize the reach of its marketing platform. You can also synch Graphic Mail to a number of other software systems such as Salesforce, Shopify and other ecommerce platforms.


Pricing is based on sends or subscribers.  That way, there is a customized pricing option for your business and your specific needs.  Some may find this advantageous, as other companies often prefer fitting customers into general brackets, which results in you paying for services you don’t need.

The Good

  • The integration into mobile allows a link to be associated with each submission
  • The seamless email template integration allows for a wide variety of displays

The Bad

  • The pricing structure could be annoying for those looking for an estimate of how much they’d need to spend without having to contact customer support

And The Ugly

  • The dashboard can be somewhat difficult to use.




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