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Sign up today for one of the fastest, easiest ways to get your message to your customers. Studies have demonstrated Go Daddy Express Email-Marketing has been known to increase your sales through email and social marketing up to 70%.  In addition, Go Daddy costs less than many of the larger competitors on the market.  Perhaps more important, the company has round the clock customer service in case you need a little extra help getting your email campaign off the ground.  With vamped up support and a leading name that won’t break your pockets, Go Daddy Express Email-Marketing truly is the wave of the future.


Go Daddy Express Email-Marketing is easy to use. First, simply upload your contacts from your current email service provider.  There are instructions how to do it and it will only take a few minutes.  You can even designate different email lists to send to certain people in a group.  Then pick a template you like for your email to be populated onto.  Users can also connect their social media to Go Daddy. After sending your vibrant, tailored email to your designated email list, you can generate reports on how well your email did.  The interface is incredibly navigable, as well.  You shouldn’t have any problems at all, even if you don’t know much about computers or email-email marketing in general.  You can even schedule emails to go out at a certain time and on a certain date, so as to create an email drip that will get to your customers over a period of time.  If you do have more knowledge about email marketing, there are some features that will enhance your emails greatly as you dig into the platform.  Things such as bounce handling, unsubscribe handling, opt-in confirmation, anti-spam protection, spam reporting links and custom e-mail messages will do a great deal for optimizing your marketing efforts.


Go Daddy utilizes the contacts you already have from your current email service provider to generate a fresh, clean, colorful and organized HTML or XHTML template that those who receive your message can enjoy and understand. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to understand coding in order to create and send these templates.  There is what is called a WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) feature where you can merely insert the information and pictures you want into the template and it will populate for you.  Additionally, you can create more than one email with a similar message and then schedule them to go out over the course of a week or two.  This is known as drip marketing.

A great feature of Go Daddy is the reporting aspect.  You can see the bounce rate (how quickly people open and then look your email), which will help you understand what to do better next time and increase the rate at which people look at your email.  Integration with social media is very important, too.  You’ll be able to keep the same message across your social platforms so as to keep consistent with the specials, promotions and ideas you are presenting.  Overall, the functionality is quite splendid.


The design of the email templates is quite spectacular.  There are over 160 ready-made email templates to choose from no matter which plan you choose.  These templates are comprised of HTML and/or XHTML, which makes them look and feel like a web page.  In short, they are colorful, bright and contain pictures and text allowing your customers the ability to capture your message through the email.  Go Daddy Express Email-Marketing has found that having a template like this increases the rate at which people open and look at the emails sent. In other words, people will give your email more credence.  As mentioned, you don’t have to be familiar with HTML or XHTML to use the templates, but if you are, there are many more things you can do with them.  For one, you can change the colors and where things are located within the email.  You can also change wording in the containers, etc.  The more you know about coding, the easier you’ll find it.  However, it is simple enough to learn and build your knowledgebase as you familiarize yourself with the sea of tools available.  Additionally, if you’d like integrate an ecommerce plugin into your email template such as Shopify, you’ll have the capability to do that, as well.


You’ll see the plans start as low as $9.99/month.  Compared with the new leads and business generated, that is a splendid deal.

The Good

  • Over 160 templates to choose from in order to get your message across
  • Social Marketing integration to keep your message consistent

The Bad

  • Uploading contacts can be a bit tricky

And The Ugly

  • Reporting feature takes some getting used to and knowing what to look for takes time


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