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There are many choices in the world of marketing these days.  It is apparent that skill and knowledge are the keys to unlocking new leads and customer satisfaction.  Experian’s email marketing software gives you those keys.  Did you know email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media?  It’s true!  And for a relatively small price you can access that power through the easy to use business and marketing tool of Experian.  You’ll get innovative and world-renowned tools to create emails that are simple and easy to read.  You’ll see the sparkling revelation these emails could provide to your current customers or potential clients in unique and expansive ways.


Some people find email marketing a challenge.  However, it’s usually because the email marketing provider they are using is clunky and out of date.  Not Experian.  It has everything you need to make new, innovative, and fresh emails so that your customers and potential clients can relate to your business.  The HTML output of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform is quite fantastically simple to use.  Even if at first you have a difficulty with it, a little practice will give you the boost of confidence you need to make the adjustments you desire.  Don’t get caught in the cycle of using old technology with updates that promise to provide what Experian does right from the beginning.


Knowing what to do with Experian is a large part of how effective you can be with it.  That’s why there is 24/7 chat assistance if you are struggling with a particular aspect of the platform.  As mentioned, you can take your company’s marketing plan to the next level if you add email marketing to the list of strategies employed.  You’ll first be able to bulk upload your contacts through a CSV file or directly from your current email service provider.  Then, you’ll be able to distinguish different distribution lists depending upon who opts-in and who you already have in your database.  After that, it is all about creating the emails.  You’ll be able to use a WYSIWYG editor which is just like using Microsoft word to create your emails, which will come out in HTML form.  The text and images you insert into this WYSIWYG will shine in the end.  Other great functions of Experian are the drip email campaign capability, as well as CRM compatibility.  Last, the reports you’ll get from the emails sent out will help you make qualitative and quantitative decisions for the next phase of your campaigns.  The A/B testing feature allows you to truly see through open rates and click-throughs who is engaging in your products.  Overall, the features of Experian are largely superior to other companies and will provide you with all the tools you’ll need.


Delivering a stylish, professional email to your customers or potential clients is imperative.  There are no two ways about it.  Experian’s email marketing service allows you to create amazing and innovative emails that have the respectability of HTML.  If you’re advanced in coding you’ll be able to design the email messages or newsletters to look almost any way you would like.  If not, there are many templates you can choose from allowing you to get the look and feel you desire.  Additionally, seamless integration of other software you use is capable.


There is no commitment or contract to sign up with Experian’s small business email marketing software.  You can try it for free for 60 days.  This will allow you time to get used to the platform and the capabilities so you’ll be able to make a proper decision about whether to proceed with the product.

The Good

  • There is a large array of features you’re given access to
  • The free 60 day trial allows you to make an informed decision whether to purchase the product or not
 The Bad

  • For first time email marketing users, some of the functionality is a bit difficult to figure out
And The Ugly

  • Because Experian offers so many other products, its website can sometimes be hard to navigate through in order to get the access you need.




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