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Put simply, Emailbrain is just smart digital marketing.  With integration into the social sphere as well as many, many other aspects of the digital world, You should be quite impressed with the overall platform email brain provides.


It seems that the “brains” behind the company wanted to develop an email marketing solution that is completely fool-proof.  With the utmost in technological advances, the platform remains uniquely simple to use.  Email Brain provides case studies, a glossary, articles, books, useful links, white papers, webinars and useful guides so that you’ll never be lost.  Comprehensive understanding is something Emailbrain strives for and accomplishes quite significantly.  You’ll be uploading your contacts, choosing a template, populating the information into that template, sending emails to distribution lists and creating reports before you know it.


Email Brain works on the simple tools of HTML and HXTML.  These are just fancy words for the language the code the emails are written in.  To you, it will be as easy as copying and pasting text and images.  However, the more advanced coder can do some neat rearranging of landscape to the template if he or she chooses.  Rest assured, however, the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) platform – similar to how you would edit and populate a word document – remains the centerpiece of how email templates are customized to your particular specification.

You will also have the capability to send out a drip of emails.  This is simply a way of getting across your message in a few emails scheduled to ”drip” into your subscribers’ mailboxes over a period of time and with a similar look and feel.  Perhaps most prized are the reporting capabilities of Emailbrain.  You’ll be able to see open rates, CTR’s and other key metrics to make sure the email marketing campaign is working for you.  Additionally, deliverability rate and spam tests are incredibly important to make sure the maximum audience is getting in touch with your message.  Beyond that, social integration is quite key to the platform, as well.  You’ll be able to synch Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to have real time feeds and reports populated.  This is a new and much improved feature of Emailbrain which shows a dedication to thinking of new ways to make the experience of email marketing as efficient as possible.


The templates of Emailbrain are quite spectacular.  They are colorful, bright and could capture just the right message you want to send to your customer base or potential clients.  As mentioned earlier, the coding is in HTML or XHTML.  If you know the language, you’ll be able to scope your perspective with more fervor.  If not, no matter at all.  It is simply a matter of copy and paste, which is ideal for those just starting out.  If you would like to use ecommerce software like Shopify or ashopping cart, such capability is available, as well.  Be sure to take advantage of the helpful support staff and guides that are there to help you.


There are many different pricing packages for email brain.  Whether it is 500 or 10,000 emails per week you need to send out, there is a plan for you.  Split between a monthly, bi-annual, and annual pricing structure, Emailbrain offers a 10% discount of prices for the bi-annual plan and a 25% discount for the annual plans. Prospective users would look to pay anywhere from $9.95/month for a max of 2,000 emails to $7,199 annually for over a million emails.

The Good

  • Fully integrated with the latest social media
  • Pricing plans that work for your company and budget

The Bad

  • A lot of information on the website and can be overwhelming to take in at once

And The Ugly

  • Signing up can be a bit tricky




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