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Every so often comes along a platform that has the capability to increase your business leads.  Elite Email is one of those platforms.  From the ground up, Elite Email gives your message a makeover and allows it to be spread to hundreds, if not thousands of your contacts simply and easily.  Give it a try and you’ll see why Elite Email is the one-stop shop for your Internet marketing needs.


It is well documented that Elite Email is not only a holistic, comprehensive email marketing solution, but it is also very easy to use.  The navigation could not be simpler to move through, even for beginners.  Some might find it daunting to upload their contacts into the database of Elite Email; however, give it a quick go and you’ll likely find it a breeze.  In addition, you can create different distribution lists so you can send specific emails to specific people.  Maybe one of the best parts of Elite Email is the scheduling feature.  You can disperse emails whenever you want (any date or time).  This is especially helpful when considering sending multiple emails with a similar message.  If you know more about email marketing, Elite Email is for you, as well.  There is a depth of features you can tap into in order to get the most out of your email marketing initiatives.


While there are many great features of Elite Email, the WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) is probably the most convenient.  Specifically, this means you can insert text and images into one of the more than 400 templates and it will populate exactly as you inserted it. As an overview, here’s the basic procedure when using Elite Email: Upload contacts from your email service provider, organize those contacts into distribution lists, populate the easy to use templates (over 400) with the content you would like to send to your contacts, integrate Elite Email with social media for sharing, personalize the messages. send out the messages to your distribution lists, and generate over 22 reports that will show open rates.  Following these steps will create a simple to use system for you to get your message across.  The most important features include the bounce rate tracking, click through rates, deliverability rate, and spam tests.  Additionally, you can create a drip marketing campaign, which simply means you can send out multiple emails about similar content over the course of a few weeks.  A drip system is an effective way to get a holistic message across to your distribution list within a course of time.


There are over 400 templates to choose from.  They use HTML and XHTML, but if this sounds foreign to you, that’s OK.  You don’t need to know anything about coding in order to use Elite Email, which is great for those just starting out.  However, knowing how to use this type of coding language could make things easier for you.  You’ll be able to manipulate the format of the email template.  Although advanced options are available, you do not need them in order to make a truly spectacular email to distribute.  Additionally, the API works with other types of platforms such as ecommerce juggernaut, Shopify.  This software integration makes it simple to have everything you want in your email.


There are great advantages to working with Elite Email.  Not just the integration with social media, the 400 templates to choose from, but the pricing packages as well.  Below is a breakdown:


The Good

  • Social Integration that allows your message to be broadcast broadly
  • Over 22 reports generated to ensure your results are top notch

The Bad

  • 400 templates can be a lot to wade through to pick the right one

And The Ugly

  • The Mobile site builder can be a bit difficult to use




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