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There are many ways to be an email marketing aficionado.  Contactology is an up and coming great platform that offers auto responders, mobile templates, inbox analysis, multivariate testing, advanced reporting and deliverability rates so that you can achieve your email marketing goals in a timely manner.  It is easy to be taken in by the glitz and glamor of other companies, but with consistent features that will get you where you want your business to be, Contactology is a great company to consider.


Knowledge of email marketing can be from 1 – 10—neophyte to expert on a scale to use Contactology.  Uploading contacts from your current email provider is a snap, while inserting the text and images into the email wizard creator could not be easier.  In fact, there isn’t much about Contactology that is difficult to use.  However, if you score higher on the spectrum of email marketing knowledge, then the sky’s the limit.  The level of reporting gets your data into the minutia, while template creation can become a very involved process.  The goal is to keep everything within the proper spectrum of those who use Contactology.


Down to nuts and bolts, using Contactology is a matter of engaging the features of the site.  Auto responders, mobile templates, inbox analysis, multivariate testing, advanced reporting and deliverability are just a few of the more important features.  Others include, social sharing, easy cast, Google analytics integration, list management, list segmentation and surveys.  Admittedly, using these features can seem a bit daunting.  Understanding them might be difficult to some, but thankfully Contactology has a live chat feature as well as telephone support to help you along your way.  So, if you ever get stuck, you won’t have to look far to find the answers to your questions.  It is important to remember that though there might seem like a lot of features coming along with Contactology they are there to work for you.  If one or more does not suit your needs, it does not have to be utilized in order for the service to still be profitable.


Beyond functionality, Contactology is great aesthetically.  Additionally, how it is presented to your customer base and clients is of utmost importance.  That is why an easy to replicate white label feature is at your fingertips.  Additionally, the superior email templates available for use are quite spectacular.  Engaging these as well as the API feature inherent in Contactology is perhaps of most importance.  Shaping the product to your needs is the goal.  Giving it your look and feel is what Contactology is all about.


The pricing plans start with a simple free version for 100 contacts or less.  The integration with all the fully loaded features goes up from there, but it is important to note that at Contactology, finding a plan that works for you is priceless.  In addition to monthly pricing plans there are pay-as-you-go plans.  It’s all up to you.

The Good

  • Many power features that can take your business marketing to the next level
  • 24/7 live chat service as well as telephone support for all your questions and comments

The Bad

  • There are many features you will have to be already familiar with in order to get the most out of Contactology

And The Ugly

  • The white label product is a bit tricky to understand and utilize fully




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