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With Campaign Monitor, many would say that you have the world of email marketing at your fingertips.  When using the service, it’s clear that all around you there are potential customers and current clients waiting to get the information about your company.  Campaign Monitor allows you to send beautiful email newsletters and other important information while getting detailed reports so that you can maximize your efficiency. The company’s dedication to not only helping design our campaigns, but also monitor their efficiency puts them ahead of many email marketing competitors who put aesthetics far above functionality.


Campaign Monitor is a great tool in the arsenal of email marketing.  You’ll be able to navigate through the platform, which will make your job a cinch.  Additionally, you can easily upload your contacts from almost any email service provider and then sort them into different distribution lists.  For more advanced users, detailed reporting allows you to dig into the data with graphics and a splendid user interface in order to create even better campaigns for the next time.  The A / B testing feature gives the marketer in you a challenge to create your best campaign.


Campaign Monitor is primarily a multi-faceted email distribution platform that allows a mass amount of emails to be distributed to a variety of addresses.  First, adding your contacts from your email service provider is a necessity.  Then, choosing a sleek and beautifully designed HTML or XHTML template is of utmost importance.  If you know a lot about coding language, you can be very specific about the look and feel of your email.  But not to worry, this knowledge is not necessary to create a great email!  After the emails have been sent, the reporting begins.  You can find conversions, deliverability rates, spam tests, open rates and much, much more.  The more you dig into this data the better you’ll understand how to reach your intended audience.


An important question is how the email will look to customers and potential clients.  The answer is simply, great.  The HTML and XHTML features will spit out an incredible looking email that will look professional and well thought out.  Additionally, there is compatibility with ecommerce considerations to take into account if that is something you choose to go into.  Along with that there is a sleek API to allow integration with multiple means of software.  Overall the design of the platform is more than suitable for your needs.


The pricing model for Campaign Monitor allows you to select a plan that fits just right.  From the basic to unlimited package you can see why there is a demand in the market for Campaign Monitor.

The Good

  • Beautiful email templates that can be modified to fit your needs
  • Excellent reporting features to monitor your business

The Bad

  • The pricing plans could be seen as expensive compared to competitors

 And The Ugly

  • There is a limited email distribution list capability


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