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CakeMail offers clients a free email marketing solution that allows for sending up to 12,000 messages to 2,000 clients, but that’s just a warm-up. Not knowing whether your message is reaching your customers or potential clients is a difficult and uneasy feeling.  What’s worse, there’s no reason for it.  CakeMail not only offers you a solution that enables you to keep money in your pockets, it prioritizes putting your customers first, perhaps making you and your company happy enough to celebrate with some cake of your own.


CakeMail’s patented process allows you to give your message the look and feel it needs while offering a plethora of templates to choose from.  Navigating the interface is truly, well, a piece of cake.  You’ll feel like you’re merely filling out a wizard when creating these templates.  You’ll be guided on how to upload your email contacts from your current email provider so that you can create distribution lists for easy emailing.  If you’re quite busy –  as most business people are – you can schedule emails to go out at any time, on any date.  This scheduling feature lets you automate what is called a “drip email campaign” to automatically disperse emails over a given period of time.  As with anything, the more you know about email marketing, the more you can manipulate the emails you send out.  However, you really don’t have to know much about it to get started.


CakeMail uses a simple email marketing system.  First, just upload contacts into the system from your current email provider. Then choose a template that you’re comfortable with.  This template with be in HTML or XHTML, but if those letters mean nothing to you, don’t fret; CakeMail accounts for even the most novice email marketers. However, the more you know about this coding language, the more you can manipulate the look and feel of your campaigns. The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) format should work fine in the beginning, though.  After working through those steps, you’re ready to send different types of emails to different distribution lists that you’ve created from your email contacts.  Set up drip email marketing campaigns as to maximize your message over time.  The last thing to do is create custom reports that show bounce rate, open rates, CRM compatibility, Deliverability rate, and Spam Tests.  CakeMail gives you control so as to make sure you’re completely happy with the email template you chose to send out and how you choose to look at the data as it starts to come back in.  You’ll even be able to brand the email with your logo making it look and feel completely yours.


Design is such an important part of how your email is received and accepted by your customers and potential clients.  The templates you can choose from all use HTML or XHTML code.  The way you’ll populate the information into the template is quite easy, however.  It won’t be harder than just filling out a wizard with questions one at a time.  However, if you are familiar with coding language you’ll be able to do quite a bit to manipulate the outcome of the template’s look and feel.  It can be as simple or complex as you wish, which is great for garnering a diverse user base.  Additionally, you can add extras like ecommerce solutions to the emails.  A simple shopping cart allows customers and clients to buy products directly from your emails.


As mentioned, CakeMail offers a free email marketing solution that allows you to send up to 12,000 messages to 2,000 contacts. Other pricing plans include a $12 deal for sending unlimited messages to 501-1,000 contacts, and the max $119 plan for sending unlimited messages to 10,001-25,000 contacts. Other than the free plan, all plans include unlimited sending.

The Good

  • A variety of email templates allowing you to customize your message
  • A quantitative pricing plan that encompasses almost all business needs

The Bad

  • No social media integration

And The Ugly

  • The site can be a bit complicated to use


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