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Many cloud-based email marketing platforms promise success at low prices.  However, it is apparent that many of those claims are overproduced.  Bronto delivers on many levels and will take the hassle out of the traditional email marketing.  With over 12 million emails sent and 1,000+ customers served, Bronto holds itself as a real deal in the email marketing industry.  Not to mention the company was the 2013 Bronze Stevie winner.  With an intuitive interface, drag and drop automation, state of the art tracking and reporting, the campaign management features of Bronto are streamlined and ready to meet your needs.


The Bronto platform allows for simple and easy to use functionality.  No matter what you desire to do with Bronto, be it connect with current customers or find new clients, Bronto allows for creative integration of your ingenuity at all levels.  You can upload your contacts in a snap and the interface gives you ability to quickly navigate through your distribution lists.  Additionally, the reporting features allow for graphic depictions of open rates and deliverability.  Overall, Bronto makes email marketing accessible to everyone.


There are many things Bronto can do.  Campaign management being the primary focus which gives you cross channel marketing capability.  In addition, the lifecycle marketing process helps produce lifetime clients, which is a great long-term prospect for any successful business.  You can create post-purchase campaigns, cart abandonment reminders, and VIP loyalty programs, as well.  Bronto’s marketing database allows you to turn customer insight into revenue.  Through order imports, RFM metrics calculations, and precise segmentation, you may find that profits will surely rise.  The mobile feature allows you to grow your lists through text-to-join incentives and offers responsive design and SMS messaging.  In short, the functionality of Bronto makes email marketing come to reality.


Beyond use and functionality, the design of Bronto is considered to be second to none.  Easily navigate through your campaigns and email replies with a UI designed to fit your company’s needs.  The graphics make the reporting features easy to read and present to clients.  Additionally, sorting email distribution lists are a cinch to use.  For those of you who know more about coding and user Interfaces, there are features allowing your skill to take the platform to the next level.


Unfortunately, Bronto does not include pricing information on its website.

The Good

  • Simple and easy to use email campaign platform
  • Mobile features and easily accessible app designation

The Bad

  • The lifecycle management program is a bit tricky to use

And The Ugly

  • Transparent pricing information would be nice


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