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Arial Software is an in-house IIS multi-user mass email software using your own windows server & database.  Acquired by San Clemente Technologies, Arial Software has been around for quite some time.  Today, Arial Software’s flagship program, Campaign Enterprise, gives professionals the most advanced permission email marketing software available in the market.  Although you’ll have the option of using the campaign enterprise or the email marketing director, both are assuredly competent for your needs in the email marketing space.


The Campaign Enterprise edition of Arial Software gives you access to in-house software, allows you to use your own database and has replaceable fields.  Additionally, it manages bounces and click throughs.  This can be used in the medical field, government or business of any kind.  The Email Marketing Director gives you access to: Advanced HTML editing, email template library access, SSL support, enhanced unsubscribe processing, database wide bounce checking, accelerated imports for large batch data batches, and easy access campaign metrics.


Overall, the Campaign Enterprise edition and the Email Marketing Director allows for maximum email collaboration with the software already on hand.  It merely enhances what you already have.  If you’re looking for an easier way to delineate your emails and make the process of how they are sent out, collected, and made searchable for convenient, Arial Software is for you.  In addition to all the great features of the two programs, you’ll have easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) type format for copying and pasting images and text.  You can also use the systems in such a way as to ensure the right data encryption for sensitive emails, especially internal emails intended for people in your company.  This capability is highly sought after and will likely be used in all email marketing systems in the future.


As far as what the emails will actually look like, that is entirely up to you.  As mentioned, there is a WYSIWYG format for easy to use functionality, but the emails are conscripted using HTML and XHTML, which allows the more advanced coder some flexibility as to how the email looks and feels.  Additionally, compatibility is key.  If you would like to add an ecommerce shopping cart, that would be totally fine, as well.  The API is very easy to use and can be manipulated by coders of all levels.


As far as pricing goes, the Campaign Enterprise edition starts at $1,495 while the Email Marketing Director version runs for only $495.  The graphic below shows how the two separate plans make it easy to choose which is right for you:

The Good

  • Full functionality and an almost unending capabilities
  • Access to even the most remote possibilities for email marketing

The Bad

  • The Campaign Enterprise can be a bit tricky to learn and implement across the company

And The Ugly

  • The price for the plans will perhaps drive some out of the market




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