Trying to take your business to the next level? Email marketing could be the best way to reach your goals. By putting your name out there to the people most interested in your products, you could easily maximize you effort. That being said, it’s important to pick the right email marketing service for your business, and some basic research could go a long way. Check out our featured below to see which one looks like the best bet to help your company grow. Review

Originating from humble beginnings, Benchmark takes the same energy and dedication that made the company a success and applies it to your business’s growth. Offering a full service free email marketing list for anyone looking to contact 2,000 people or less, Benchmark does its best to live up to this goal. Even premium packages, however, are reasonably priced, meaning that you won’t get punished for you success.... (Continue Reading...)

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GetResponse is a multimedia online marketing business that specializes in email marketing, currently serving more than 300,000 users around the world. The company focuses on offering users affordable prices for premium service, boasting a 98% email delivery rate. The company prides itself on sending Responsive Web Design emails, which allow subscribers to easily read and navigate across devices ranging from desktop computers to smartphones. GetResponse estimates that this approach could reach up to 42% more readers, which... (Continue Reading...)

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VerticalResponse Inc. offers small businesses and non-profits a full range of powerful self-service marketing tools, including email marketing, social media, post card marketing, surveying and event marketing. VerticalResponse helps its users proactively strategize successful campaigns, providing a series of free webinars covering introductory and advanced topics. As a fast growing industry leader, VerticalResponse now serves more than 850,000 users worldwide.... (Continue Reading...)

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Serving everyone from beginners to professional marketers, Campaigner brings nearly two decades of marketing experience and growth to your email campaign. With live webinars, Campaigner could teach you how to create winning email marketing campaigns and also offers 24/7 toll-free technical support by phone or email, should any questions arise. Helpful articles and YouTube training videos can make your life a lot easier, helping you learn and grow with your company. With a 30-day free trial and no binding contracts... (Continue Reading...)

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Constant Contact is an established internet marketing company focused on the needs of small businesses, membership associations and nonprofit organizations. Founded in 1998 to provide an affordable, easy-to-use email tool, the company has since expanded into event and social media marketing campaigns, digital storefronts and local coupon deals, currently serving more than half a million users. Constant Contact offers a range of packages that could directly translate into substantial growth for your email list. With expertise in... (Continue Reading...)


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Arial Software Review

Arial Software is an in-house IIS multi-user mass email software using your own windows server & database.  Acquired by San Clemente Technologies, Arial Software has been around for quite some time.  Today, Arial Software’s flagship program, Campaign Enterprise, gives professionals the most advanced permission email marketing software available in the market.  Although you’ll have the ... (Continue Reading...)

Boomerang Review

Convenience and style is wrapped into one with this email marketing platform.  Boomerang has been featured on the New York Times, Tech Crunch, Life Hacker, PC World, and TNW, helping to bulk its reputation as a dependable source for email marketing needs.  Consumers of Boomerang have stated “It is a dream come true.”  With Boomerang ... (Continue Reading...)

Bronto Review

Many cloud-based email marketing platforms promise success at low prices.  However, it is apparent that many of those claims are overproduced.  Bronto delivers on many levels and will take the hassle out of the traditional email marketing.  With over 12 million emails sent and 1,000+ customers served, Bronto holds itself as a real deal in ... (Continue Reading...)

CakeMail Review

CakeMail offers clients a free email marketing solution that allows for sending up to 12,000 messages to 2,000 clients, but that’s just a warm-up. Not knowing whether your message is reaching your customers or potential clients is a difficult and uneasy feeling.  What’s worse, there’s no reason for it.  CakeMail not only offers you a ... (Continue Reading...)

Campaign Monitor Review

With Campaign Monitor, many would say that you have the world of email marketing at your fingertips.  When using the service, it’s clear that all around you there are potential customers and current clients waiting to get the information about your company.  Campaign Monitor allows you to send beautiful email newsletters and other important information ... (Continue Reading...)

Contactology Review

There are many ways to be an email marketing aficionado.  Contactology is an up and coming great platform that offers auto responders, mobile templates, inbox analysis, multivariate testing, advanced reporting and deliverability rates so that you can achieve your email marketing goals in a timely manner.  It is easy to be taken in by the ... (Continue Reading...)

Elite Email Review

Every so often comes along a platform that has the capability to increase your business leads.  Elite Email is one of those platforms.  From the ground up, Elite Email gives your message a makeover and allows it to be spread to hundreds, if not thousands of your contacts simply and easily.  Give it a try ... (Continue Reading...)

EmailBrain Review

Put simply, Emailbrain is just smart digital marketing.  With integration into the social sphere as well as many, many other aspects of the digital world, You should be quite impressed with the overall platform email brain provides. EASE OF USE It seems that the “brains” behind the company wanted to develop an email marketing solution ... (Continue Reading...)

Experian Review

There are many choices in the world of marketing these days.  It is apparent that skill and knowledge are the keys to unlocking new leads and customer satisfaction.  Experian’s email marketing software gives you those keys.  Did you know email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media?  It’s true!  And for a relatively ... (Continue Reading...)

Go Daddy Express Review

Sign up today for one of the fastest, easiest ways to get your message to your customers. Studies have demonstrated Go Daddy Express Email-Marketing has been known to increase your sales through email and social marketing up to 70%.  In addition, Go Daddy costs less than many of the larger competitors on the market.  Perhaps ... (Continue Reading...)

Graphic Mail Review

Graphic Mail provides a platform for you to send out customized emails to your designated contacts. Browse around the company’s website a bit and you may find that Graphic Mail provides email marketing, mobile, and social media solutions for everyone. The customized, colorful emails sent out from this platform allow you to share your important ... (Continue Reading...)

Group Mail Review

There are few integrated email marketing platforms that find a way to utilize all that is good in the world of customer success and potential client relationships.  If you ask those at Yale University, The BBC and Fujitsu you’ll find their level of satisfaction high.  Sending mass emails has honestly never looked so good.  Sparkling ... (Continue Reading...)

Handymailer Review

There are few email marketing platforms that truly encapsulate the complete package. Handymailer allows you to create spectacular, personalized messages, newsletters, announcements and promotions through an HTML look and feel, putting it ahead of many leading competitors.  The importance of connecting with your customers and potential clients through customized emails cannot be understated and Handymailer ... (Continue Reading...)

Infusionsoft Review

If you’re looking to grow services, save time and get organized, look no further than Infusionsoft.  With over 23,000 small businesses using Infusionsoft currently, it should only be a matter of time until you find out why it is so popular.  It is the only all-in-one automated sales & marketing software and is built exclusively ... (Continue Reading...)

Jango Mail Review

There are email marketing platforms and then there are good email marketing platforms.  Jango Mail is the latter.  It has everything to make your business grow.  From the fully customizable templates to the reporting, you won’t be sorry for signing up with Jango Mail. EASE OF USE Often ancillary details get in the way of ... (Continue Reading...)

LmhSoft Review

There are limits to what can be achieved within marketing.  However, LmhSoft has broken some of those limits with its revolutionary product.  The software allows you to send HTML email newsletters to potential customers and current clients through a specified distribution list that you create when uploading your contacts from your current email service provider ... (Continue Reading...)

Mad Mimi Review

Mad Mimi is a leap forward in email-marketing innovation.  It has many capabilities and functionalities, and the platform is quite spectacular.  If you’re looking for a simple, straight forward way to keep in touch with your customers, friends, or anyone else for that matter, Mad Mimi has it all for you.  With over 40 million ... (Continue Reading...)

Maligen Review

Mailgen is perhaps a new leap in email marketing innovation.  It has everything you need in one, easy-to-manage email marketing software.  It’s a great way to find results for your business and a new way to create leads.  You’ll be able to send email messages to hundreds, if not thousands of your contacts in a ... (Continue Reading...)

Vertical Response Review

Vertical Response is a unique up-and-coming email marketing company that should allow you to take your current email-marketing strategy to the next level.  It is a subsidiary of the Deluxe Corporation and allows for your message to reach your intended customers through email, social media, and mobile marketing.  You shouldn’t have any problem getting everything ... (Continue Reading...)